A JSON-formatted file designed to supply important instructions to the CLI

The .staticrc file is a file that sits at the root of the Static Kit Framework. This file generally serves two purposes: first, it provides configurations for the Static CLI, and second, it is used to designate the root directory of the installed Static Kit Framework.


The following options are currently supported in the .staticrc file.

(optional) This option designates a path to a customer, developer-provided Javascript file that should be used to compile all resources, instead of the native Static compiler.

(required) This option provides an object of dist and src paths to indicate the various directories required in the compilation process.


# Example .staticrc
    # A path to a custom file that will
    # be used to compile all static assets instead of
    # the native Static CLI compiler (optional)
    "compiler" : "./path/to/custom/compiler.js"

    # Relative paths for all static src
    # and dist directories (required)
    "paths" : {
        "dist" : {
	    "css" : "dist/css",
	    "images" : "dist/images",
	    "js" : "dist/js"
	"src" : {
	    "images" : "src/images",
	    "js" : "src/js",
	    "scss" : "src/scss"