Static Kit

A developer-friendly toolkit for building awesome static resources.

Static Kit is a simple, standardized toolkit to aid in the creation and compilation of various static assets (Javascript, CSS, or images) for traditional frontends of all kinds.

This library is simply an organizational wrapper to minimize and normalize the process of setting up and operating common development tools. The framework is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Static CLI to compile and optimize assets (the CLI leans heavily on esbuildDart Sasssharp, and other third-party tools for the various compilation and optimization tasks).

Static Kit is comprised of two main components: the Static Kit CLI and the Static Kit Framework.


The Static Kit Framework is a modular development environment that is designed to be easily “dropped” into an existing web project. The framework provides a familiar development experience across projects, and it drastically simplifies the process of bootstrapping a series of professional toolsets. Finally, the framework is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Static Kit CLI to speed up the development process.

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The Static Kit CLI is a command line interface that is designed to work closely with the Static Kit Framework to make common tasks easier, such as initializing an environment, compiling assets, generating templates, and more.

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